The New Planet ; Sixam


We got a new secret location ” the planet Sixam ” coming with the newest expansion pack ” Get To Work ” in sims 4. We also had this location in sims 3 with the seasons expansion pack.  If you spell it backwards you will get ” Maxis ” and  this is where the name comes from. However this time, this place is not on earth and to visit Sixam your sims should be either at Scientist or Rcoket Science career.

Except babies, children and pregnant ones, all sims can go to Sixam. It is a blue planet where you can find new collectables or  meet aliens and be friends with. A new social event coming with the pack ” alien party ”. The only way to go it is reaching level 8 at scientist career, then you will have an option to join the party. Aliens has an abilty to control your sims’ minds. You can also add aliens to your household, but for this you need to use cheats. Open the cheats panel with Ctrl + Shift + C, enter ” testingcheats true ”. After activating cheats; Shift click on an alien and you will have an option to add to your household.

If you choose the rocket science career to go Sixam, first you need to be at level 10 of rocket science skill then upgrade your rocket ship with the Wormhole Generator. After all you can select the rocket ship and choose ” travel to alien world ” interaction.

If you choose the other way , you need to be at level 10 at scientist career and upgrade the Wormhole Generator. For this upgrade you need 2 of metals, crystals and elements.

Below you will see what you can find at Planet Sixam

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They are minerals with 6 types and each with a different color option. If you put them close to your sims while studying, they will give focused moodlet. They also provide environmental boost when placed in hourses.Eye of the Stormbore, Glumbut, Mylom’s Tonic, Starflake, Corbut and Zarinne are the names of the geodes.

Plants and Trees

  • Fang Flower – has a value of $ 10
  • Glow Orb – has a value of $ 20
  • Quill Fruit – has a value of $ 20


Blutonium  and Solarium


Crandestine  and  Nitelite – both has a value of $ 50

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