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Sims 4 Secret Places Guide

In sims 4 , we have two secret places to explore. There is one secret location in each world. First one is ” Sylvan Glades ” in the world ” Willow Creek ” and the other one is ” Forgotten Grotto ” in the world ” Oasis Springs ”. There isnt any secret location at the new world ” Newcrest ”.We will see how you can find these places and what you need in this guide. So, lets start.

Sylvan Glades

Our first secret area is ” Sylvan Glades ”. To find this location, you need to be at ” Willow Creek ”.If you are at the other world, travel here. To find this location, you dont need any specific skills or requirements. In Willow Creek, you need to visit the lot ” Crick Cabana ”. Behind this lot, you will see the way surrounded by trees. We will find a special tree here. Since it looks really different than the other trees with its mystical appearance, it is really hard to miss it. Also different decorations around this tree will make it easy to see it.
When you find the tree, click on it and you will have the ” view ” option. Select that option for 3 – 4 times. After that you will have another option to water the tree. Also do this for 3 – 4 times. And you now will be able to talk with the tree. There may be some different options such as ” discuss the nature ” , ” chat about roots ” , ” compliment on leaves ”. Spend some time using these options with the tree to open the new option ” explore ”.
It is not over yet. The tree will have a few questions for you to let you in. You need to give right answers to enter the secret location.
Here are the right answers you need to give in the correct order;

1 – Follow the sound
2 – Follow Downstream
3 – Enter the mist.

And finally you are in. Inside the location you can find different collectables such as cherry tree, pear tree, liliy, mushroom , strawberry, fish and frogs, bluebell , snapdragon and minerals.

Forgotten Grotto

Our second secret place is ” Forgotten Grotto ” which is located at the world ” Oasis Springs ”. There is two lots which has entrances to our secret place. One is ” Desert Bloom Park ” and the other one is ” Affluista Mansion ”. You need to visit one of these lots.
We will find a cave here. But there will be some barriers in front of the cave and in order to break them, your ” handiness ” skill must be 10.
After finding the cave and breaking barriers, you will have the option to ” explore ”. Same with our previous secret location ” Sylvan Glades ”, here you will also get some questions by the cave. You need to give right answers to enter the location.
Here are the right answers in the correct order;

1 – Take the wide path
2 – Climb the ladder
3 – Step onto the ledge

And travel to Grotto. You will see a really beautiful view here. Here you can also collect some items such as onions, potato, lily, fish and frogs, minerals , sage, mushrooms. If you go deeper inside the cave, you can find beautiful hidden creatures in the river ” rainbow fish ” and ”batfish” by fishing on the spot. You can also find beautiful, colorful gems and time capsules.

I hope this guide will be helpfull for those, who wants to find secret locations easily.