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Sims 4 Emotions

Emotions are a new gameplay feature came with sims 4. We didnt have them in sims 2 or 3, there were only positive, negative and neutral moodlets at sims 3. They are like moods but diffrent from moods emotions are affected by relationships with other sims, by some objects and all events in game. There are total 15 emotion types and you can see your sim’s emotional condition at the left corner in game menu. Sims can even die because of some emotions. In this article you will see all emotions that a sim can have, their stages, reasons and effects.Lets start;



Its color is light blue. It has 2 stages; confident and very confident. Below are the ways to get confident emotion;

  • Brushing Teeth
  • Drinking Earl Grey Teav
  • Drinking ” sea of fire ” and ” hot and smooky ”
  • Psyching self up in the mirror

Good emotion for careers ;  Criminal and Secret Agent

Benefits ; Improves charisma skill and social relationships. Unlocks three interactions ; show off muscles , bold pick up line and propose crazy scheme.


Its color is green. It has 2 stages ; happy and very happy. Below are the ways to get happy emotion;

  • Having a good meal or drink
  • Healthy Green Tea
  • Listenning music
  • ” Brighten Day ” interaction
  • Upgraded home devices, electronics etc …  and some decorations

It is not a career related emotion.

Benefits ; Easy to improve all skills, better social performance.


Its color is teal. It has 2 stages ; inspired and very inspired. Below are the ways to get inspired emotion;

  • Browsing art on computer
  • Taking thoughtful shower
  • Browsing recipe ideas
  • Drinking ” prose and pop

Good emotion for careers ; painter, writer, culinary and entertainer

Benefits ; Improves skills at ; cooking , writing, painting and playing music instruments. Unlocks 3 interactions ; describe new idea, talk about dreams and propose crazy scheme.  Easy to get relationship points.


Its color is lime green. It has 2 stages ; energized and very energized. Below are the ways to get energized emotion ;

  • Taking quick shower
  • Energy Drinks
  • Eating high energy protein plate
  • Jogging

Good emotion for careers; criminal and astronaut

Benefits ; improves fitness skill. Unlocks fitness options ; stretch , sit ups and push ups


Its color is pink. It has 2 stages ; flirty and very flirty. Below are the ways to get fliry emotion ;

  • Steamy shower
  • Freshen up in the mirror
  • Cooking heart cookies
  • Drinking steamy ginseng tea
  • Trying outfits
  • Researching pick up lines on the computer
  • Drinking ” cupid’s juice ”
  • Drinking rose

It is not a career related emotion.

Benefits ; unlocks three romantic related interactions ; offer rose, kiss hands and sexy pose.


Its color is light purple.  It has 2 stages ; focused and very focused. Below are the ways to get focused emotion;

  • Playing chess
  • Doing homeworks
  • Drinking pitch black tea
  • Using the observatory
  • Examining fossils
  • Browsing simipedia on the computer

Good emotion for careers ; criminal, secret agent, astranaut and tech guru.

Benefits ; Impoves handiness , gardening, logic, fishing, science, rocket, gaming and programming skills.


Its color is purple. It has 3 stages ; playful, very playful and hysterical. Below are the ways to get playful emotion ;

  • Watching comedy on the tv
  • Taking bubble bath
  • Making silly faces on mirror
  • Eating Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes
  • Browsing funny videos on sims.tv
  • Telling jokes
  • Good emotion for careers; entertainer

Benefits ; You will get 4 interactions ; making a flirty joke, imisly pester, flash crazy eyes and slap’em silly. Improves comedy and mischief skills.

It your sim is on the third level of playful; ”hysterical”, it may cause the death of your sim.Taking a cold shower or calming down on mirror are the best options to calm down your sim a bit.



Its color is dark red. It has 3 stages ; angry, very angry and enraged. Below are the ways to get angry emotion ;

  • Looking to an angry painting or a sculpture
  • Being cheated
  • Fighting with other sims

The only benefit you can get from angry emotion is to improve mischief skills faster.

Punching bags, drinking chamomile tea or taking a cold shower will help you to calm down your sims.


Its color is gray. It has no other stages. Below are the ways to get bored emotion;

  • Same interactions for long time
  • Working and reading beyond your sim’s level

It doesnt have any efffects on any careers or skills.


Its color is bluish purple. It has no other stages. Below are the ways to get dazed emotion ;

  • Rocket Ship crashes
  • Being electrocuted
  • Losing fights with other sims
  • Voodoo dolls
  • Weaponized jokes
  • Drinking a bottle of daze ( you can get it from cowplants only )
  • Using medicine
  • Alien abductions

It doesnt have any positive effects. This emotion make your sims sleepy, will give them a strange walk style and improving skills will slow down


Its color is yellow. It has 3 stages ; embarrassed, very embarrassed and mortified. Below are the ways to get embarrassed emotion ;

  • Peing on ground
  • Being on low hygiene around other sims
  • Strangers walking in toilet, shower and woo – hoo
  • Failing questions at entering secret locations
  • Teens while talking about woo – hoo
  • Being rejected on romantic interactions

It doesnt have any positive effects. Third stage ” mortified ” can cause the death of your sim.  ” Hide from everyone ” interaction on a bed or calming down on mirror will help you to calm down your sims.


Its color is deep blue. It has 2 stages ; sad and very sad. Below are the ways to get sad emotion ;

  • Death of family members or friends
  • Low social needs
  • Losing a competition
  • Divorces
  • Mourning at a graveyard or on a tombstone

It doesnt have any positive effects on careers and skills, only allows your sims to make sad paintings and write sad books. It disables the joking interaction and slows down your sim’s walking. Calling sadline on phone , pep talk in the mirror and crying under covers will help your sims.


Its color is orange. It has 3 stages; tense, very tense and stressed. Below are the ways to get tense emotion ;

  • Decay in Fun need
  • Fires
  • Working Hard
  • Studying Hard at school

It doesnt have any positive effects on careers and skills. Fulfilling your sim’s fun need , shouting at bed, taking bath, playing video games and calming down in mirror are the interactions that will help you with your sims’ tense. Because if they have third stage of this emotion ; ” stressed ”, it may cause in your sim’s death.


Its color is red. It has 2 stages; uncomfortable and very uncomfortable. Below are the ways to get uncomfortable emotion ;

  • Low needs such as ; hunger, hygiene, energy and bladder
  • Dirty House
  • Sleeping on a cheap bed
  • Using a cheap shower
  • Eating spoiled or bad quality food

It doesnt have any positive effects on careers and skills.  You can fulfill your sim’s needs, clean the house and dirty objects, take a shower to help you with your sim’s uncomfortable situation.

Sorry for the english mistakes on the article. I hope this guide will help you to understand how emotioms work.