Spooky Stuff Pack

Hello again, with a new expansion pack review. Spooky Stuff Pack is the third stuff pack published for sims 4, on 29 September 2015 at a price of $ 9.99.  It features 2 new gameplay objects, new costumes ( so many options for all genders ) and face paints  for sims, spooky furnitures, lightings, wall papers and floors and scary decorative objects.

The first new game play object is the ” Pumpkin Carving Station ”. You can find it in activities and skill category at creative section in your game. Your sims can carve pumpkins according to their handiness skill. Carving Pumpkins also develops handiness skill but a little bit slow. Orange , Pale Orange, White and Green are the colors for Pumpkins and all costs for $ 25. Below are the pumpkin models according to the required skill level ;

  • Cockeyed  – no skills requred for this model
  • Classic – you need to be at least 1 st level of handiness, for children sims required level of skill is 3 for motor
  • Cat – you need to be at least 1 st level of handiness, for children sims  required level of skill is 5 for motor
  • Ghost– you need to be at least 2 nd level of handiness
  • Smiling – you need to be at least 2 nd level of handiness
  • Owl – you need to be at least 3 rd level of handiness
  • Scared – you need to be at least 3 rdlevel of handiness
  • Puking – you need to be at least 4 th level of handiness
  • Wicked – you need to be at least 5 th level of handiness

You can put carved pumpkins at ground or on some of the surfaces. When clicking on them you will get some interactions such as ; view, light candle , put in inventory, preserve ( costs for $ 50 and requires handiness skill at level 5 – if you dont use the preserve function, the carved pumpkin will be spoiled in 4 days ), possess and wear ( only available for ghost sims ). You can also sell your carved pumpkins and its value will be depended on the handiness skill of your sim. Your emotions will also play a role in carved pumpkins. If you craft a pumpkin on an angry mode, you will get an angry face for example…  You can also add lights to pumpkins. They will act as candles and look really nice in game.

Another new game play option is the spooky party.  You can dress up with new halloween themed costumes , decorate your house with spooky themed decorations and invite your friends for your party. It will cost you a $ 250 to throw this party. Also you can hire caterer or bar tender for $ 250 more. Invited sims will come to the party with their costumes also. Below are the activities you can do in your spooky parties;

  • First you need to buy the pumpkin carving station as a main goal of the party, other things you need a stereo and a bar for achieving  the party goal
  • You can ask invited sims for party treats
  • View carved pumpkins
  • Discuss and compliment about costumes with guests
  • Request guests to carve a pumpkin
  • Perform mischief interactions
  • Have drinks
  • Dance

There are 3 new recipes coming with the pack which are;

  • Spooky Cookies – costs $ 22 and requires at least 2 nd  level of cooking skill
  • Cheese Eyeballs – costs $ 12 and requires at least 3 th level of cooking skill
  • Zombie Cake – costs $ 24 and requires at least 4 th level of cooking skill

If you achieve the party goal and earn the gold medal, you will be awarded with Llama costume which can be used for both female and male sims.

You can also throw parties at other locations, it doesnt have to be at your house.


There are total 22 costumes for male , female and some of them can be used for both genders. Below is a list of costumes you will get with the spooky stuff pack


For Female Sims

  • Fairy of Waters
  • Fairy of Meadows
  • Fairy of Forest
  • Aayla Secura
  • Princess Leia
  • Witch of Wood
  • Witch of Arachnids
  • Witch of Night

For Male Sims

  • Ninja
  • Darth Vader
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Boba Fett
  • Darth Maul

Costumes for Both Genders

  • Maid
  • Villain
  • Astronaut
  • Mailman
  • Zombie Survivor
  • Pirate
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Space Ranger
  • Smuggler
  • Cheerlader
  • Llamacorn Mascot
  • Grim Reaper
  • Spartan Hoplite

For Female Children Sims

  • Blueberry
  • Princess Papaya
  • Golden Apple

Costumes for Children For Both Genders

  • Sausage
  • Ser Orange ,White or Green Pumpkin
  • Grand Master Yoda
  • Pirate of High Seas
  • Pirate of Scurvy Seas
  • Skeleton of Fire
  • Skeleton of Ivory
  • Skeleton of Rot

Addition to all of these there are ; 3 male hats, 2 make up options for male sims, 1 new hair style for male sims , 6 female accessories, 2 make up options for female sims, 2 head accessories for female sims, 3 hats for female sims, 1 new shoe for each male and female sims, one new hairstyle for female children sims, 2 head accessories for female children sims, 1 make up option for female children sims, 2 new shoes for female children sims , 2 head accessories for male children sims, 1 make up option for male children sims, 1 new shoe for male children sims

You can just change the costume of your sim with selecting your sim and choosing ” change costume ” during the party.

Buy Mode

There are 34 new spooky items coming with the pack for buy mode.

  • New floors and wall papers
  • Paintings
  • Curtain
  • Spooky Tables
  • Decorative Pumpkins
  • Decorative Tombstones
  • Spooky Lights – wall candles holding by skeleton hands
  • The Treat Bowl – when using it a ghost or a zombie hand may appear and scare your sims. You can also use it to scare your guests
  • Decorative Spider Webs
  • Decorative Ghosts
  • Spooky Sofa and Armchair
  • Skeleton costumed bear toy
  • Spooky Rugs – The fright night rug with three swatches and the Jack o ‘ lantern rug

For last you will get 2 new styled rooms with this pack which is designed by a spooky atmosphere and new spooky furnitures.

For my opinion, i actually loved this pack since it brought fun to the game with spooky activities and parties. Also i think they did a well job with the new spooky furnitures and decorations. I dont regret buying it. I hope i didnt miss any details about the pack and the article will be helpful for you to decide whether buy it or not.

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