Sims 4 Collectables

Sims 4 comes with 13 base game collectables. In this guide you will see these collectables and how you find them.

  1. Fishes

There are total 22 types of fish ; angelfish, anglerfish, batfish, betta, bass, catfish, goldfish, guppi , koi, kissing gourami, minnow, perch, piranha, salmon, tetra, rainbow fish, red tailed black shark, sturgeon, wolf eel, tree fish, trout and tilapia. These can be collected by the fishing interaction on fishing spots and lakes. As you improve your fishing skill, your sims will be able to catch more rare types and unlock hidden fishing spots. To complete all the collections, you need to fish at Forgotten Grotto ( you can find more information about this location in ” hidden locations guide ” ) You can also use some types for your cooking receipes or fertilizers at your gardens.

  2. Aliens

There are total 10 collectables for this category ; dead pink whale, live blue slug, live space squid, live read coral, dead red coral, dead space squid, live space porcupine, dead space porcupine, live pink whale and dead blue slug. All of them can be found at space missions with rocket ships. Increasing your sim’s rocket science skill and upgrading rocket ships will allow you to find rare collectables.

3. Space Rocks

There are 4 collectables ; common space rock, uncommon space rock, larde space rock and unnaturally large space rock.  They can be find while exploring space with rocket ships.  Rocks can be used as decorations which will boost your sims’ environmental auras. If you complete all 4 rocks , you will be awarded with an orchid plant. Increasing your sim’s rocket science skill and upgrading rocket ships will allow you to find collectables easier.

4. Crystals

There are total 20 types of crystals ; alabaster, turqoise, amethyst, simanite, citrine, shinolite, diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, fire opal, rainborz, hematite, jet, peach, orange topaz, plumbite, quartz and jonquilyst. Except Jet, all crystals can be found by digging. To find Jet, you need to explore with space ship. All of them give your sims an an aura of energise, so if you put them close to you when working out; your sims’ fitness skill will improve faster.

5. Elements

There are total 15 types of elements; alcineat, wolfium, crytacoo, firaxium, volenton, selium, sydrolin, goobleck, melacoo, oxypin, ozinate, peryllium, phozone, plathium and plumbobus. You again need to dig to find element collectables and after finding you need to send them to Geo Council. Then you will get your elements by mail. They are useful when working, studying or writing since they give focused aura to your sims.

6. Fossils

There are total 15 types of fossils; Enormous Trilobite, Raptor Claw, Fossilized Alien Skul, Prehistoric Rock, Fossilized Egg, Prehistoric Bird, Fossilized Plant Imprint, Pre Pre Pre Human Head, Fossilized Sea Monster, Pre Historic Hoofprint, Fossilized Sim Hand, Perfectly Preserved Mustache, Fossilized Udder, Fossilized Whatzit and Hilariously Tiny T-Rex Arm. They can be found by the intearction ” diging” through rocks. First you will get limestones and you need to examine them under microscobe to get them as fossils. They gives confidental aura to your sims.

  7.  Frogs

There are total 25 types of frogs; Bullseye Frog, Whirlyflower Frog,  Dirt Frog, Tiger Frog, Dirtsurfer Frog, Dirtwhirl Frog, Surfer Leaf Frog, Surfer Eggplant, Eggplant Frog, Eggplant Whirl Frog, Heart Frog, Heartsurfer Frog, Hypno Frog, Leaf Frog, Leopard Frog, Spotted Dirt Frot, Spotted Eggplant Frog, Spotted Heart Frog, Spotted Leaf Frog, Striped Dirt Frog, Striped Eggplant Frog, Striped Heart Frog, Striped Leaf Frog, Sunflower Frog and Sunsurfer Frog.  They can be found Water Pumps, deacying logs and ponds. They gives environmental aura to your sims.

8. Gardening

There are total 30 gardening collectables ; apple, basil, bird of paradise, bonsai, carrot, cherry, blackberry, blue bells, chrysanthemum, cowplant berry, daisy, dragon fruit, grapes, lemon, lily, mushroom, onion, parsley, orchid, sage,pear, pomegranate, potato, snapdragon, tomato, spinach, strawberry, trash fruit, tulip and UFO ( unidentified fruit object ). All can be found by gardening activities. As your sims’ gardening skills improves ; to find all collectables will be easier.

9. Metals

There are total 20 types of metals ; alcron, baconite, crytunium, death metal, flamingonium, furium, heavy metal, ironyum, literalite, obtanium, ozinold, phozonite, plathinum, punium, pyrite, romantium, sadnum, simtanium, socialite and ultranium. All can find by digging interaction with stones. When you find one of them, you need to send to Geo Council to discover. They give environmental aura to your sims.

10. Microscope Prints

There are total 12 of them ; blemish blossum, cell block, trace remains, the drifter, snow fight, rhapsody in blue, psychedelic rock, party in pink, leaf meat, hooplankton, crystal palace and falling. They can be found by creating microscobic samples from plants and fossils. They give focused aura to your sims.

11. Mysims Trophies

There are total 20 of them ; buddy, zombie carl, Chaz McFreely, chef gino, dj candy, dr.f, elmira clank, gonk, goth boy, hopper, jenny, leaf, lyndsay, morcubus, ol’ gabby, poppy, tobor, trevor verily, violet and yuki. They are found in the capsules by digging for metals and crystals. They give playful aura to your sims.

12 . Postcards

There are total 14 of them ; Appaloosa Plains Postcard, Twinbrook Postcard, Barnacle Bay Postcard, Sunset Valley Postcard, Bridgeport Postcard, Riverview Postcard, Champs Les Sims Postcard, Moonlight Falls Postcard, Dragon Valley Postcard, Midnight Hollow Postcard,  Isla Paradiso Postcard, Lunar Lakes Postcard, Littlehaven Postcard and Lunar Lakes Postcard. They can be found by being friends with penpals on computer and requesting them. They give inspired aura for your sims.

13. Space Prints

There are total 15 of them ; animal’s planet, twinkle, battle stars, big star, cloudy vision, end of time, i dream of plesiosaur, out of this world style, rosie the riveting, saturn return, seeing red, standard space, star crossed lovers, surfacing and t rex nebula. They can be found by observing the sky from an observatory.They give focused aura to your sims.

I hope this article will be helpful to those players who want to have more information about sims 4 collectables and sorry for the english mistakes.

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