Sims 4 city living

Sims 4 City Living- Apartment Life is coming soon. Expected date for both PC and Mac is 1 st of November 2016. With this expansion pack we will get many new features and new style of game play. In sims 3 we didnt have apartment life, we had ”late night” expansion pack a little similar to it but this will be more different.

The most important change will be living in a community. Neighbours will take a big place in our game. We will live with other people and they will affect our lifes of course. If you play loud music in the late night, your neighbours can be disturbed and come to your door for example. Sim guru Sarah gave some tips about the new expansion pack coming and answered community questions in twitter. Here are some tips i collected from the answers about the new pack we wait.

All the neighbours will be interesting characters, some of them are inspired from tv shows , sitcoms. Diversity of neighbours will make sims lives richer.You will meet them in common areas, entrances and elevators.

Apartments will only be available in the new sims world SAN MYSHUNO, which is also coming with the city living expansion pack. You cant build apartments in other worlds.

Depending to the apartment , you can have 4 families at the same time.

There will be 1 – 4 apartments in one building. Like before , also in City Living maxium 8 sims can live in one apartment.

No building apartments from scratch. You can design apartment interiors as you wish. But you wont be able to build the whole apartment complex ,cant change the exterior walls which is a little disappointing for me as a player who only plays the game for building and designing.

Spaces will be limited. You wont be able to build another room if your house is not big as you want.

You will be able to visit the neighbours in your apartment.

2 new traits and aspiration coming with the pack. Unflirty and vegetarian traits will be available. The new aspiration will be ”city native”. It will focus on meeting new people and exploring the city.

There will be two bed low end apartments.

You can have some problems while living in an apartment with pipes, electrical wires or pests, rats or cockroaches…

Lot Traits will be available for all other lots.

You will experience ”earthquakes”. And it will be a lot trait, that means it will also be available for other lots. Worlds will shake, your sims will react and according to the level of the earthquake moodlets can be changed.

There will be loading screens when transiting between apartments like when you visit your neighbours.

You can have room mates and other households that you can share the building and pay the rent together with.

You can give and take back the key of your apartment to other sims.

You can use styled rooms in apartments.

You can turn penthouses into venuses.

You will pay rent and there will be landlords, who can be flirted or be friends with, which might get your apartment problems solved easier ­čÖé

There will be elevators and they will be used with no loading screen. You can meet your neighbours in elevators.

There will be festivals you can join, in the new world of City Living. There will be up to 5 different festivals which you can also watch from your windows.

Not all but some apartments will have balconies.

You wont have bills like we have in residental life, Rent will include them and pay all the bills.

Each apartment can have different traits.

These are the some tips about the new game play according to the answers of sim guru sarah and really enough to excite me ­čÖé

Lastly it will require base game and all the latest updates and patches.

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