Romantic garden stuff

EA announced the new pack coming soon. It will be available on 9 February 2016 including new decorative objects,clothes and hair styles. It will be perfect to have our bothanical gardens and also building our backyards. And the timing is also perfect to come out just before the Valentines Day. So excited for this pack as i also love to work with garden at real life.

It will only require Sims 4 Base game to work.

You will have various flowers and marble furnitures to build Victorian style gardens.

Fountain of Gluteus Maximus will make it available that your sims can sit on it’s edges,toss coin .cuddle and flick water to each other. If your sims feel playful they can also add soap to the fountain and watch the bubbles ­čÖé Kids can climb and play with water inside the fountain.

Another feature ‘The Whsispering Wishing Well ‘ will be included with the pack which will cost a single simoleon to wish happiness, love, success , child and more..There will be 50 different outcomes for the wishes and they wont be able to make another wish for the next 8 hours. Sims can offer different amounts of simoleons for the wishes.You need to be careful what and when you wish for. It will alter your sims fates forever and they might not always get what they wished for . You can end up with a bad romantic relationship or lose money instead of winning the lottery for example. Ghostly sims can be given endless life by the wishing well.

The Lost Gardens of Healing and New Park Venue will be coming with the new pack.You can access these lots from the worlds. It will create a beautiful atmosphere for your romantic stories. With the floral fashion and hairstyles you will be able to make your sims look perfect for that stories. They will want to be in their best look when visiting these locations.

As your sims hanging around the parks. they will be listening the new Baroque radio station which includes melodies from the 1600s.

Moss covered statues and ivy wrapped arches will be coming with the pack to help you build fashioned gardens.

The Pack will  include a variety of new plants, stone furnituress and a few other decorative items.
Man will get a hair style and couple of outfits.Woman will get more outfits than man and children will share an outfit and hair style.

There will be 5 new designed rooms.

Only if you have ”Get Together ” expansion, a new activity will come up with this pack.”Play in Park Fountains ” activity can be choosen when you create a club.

And it is not sure yet but if compared to other stuff packs it will be around $9,99..

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