Recoloring Tutorial

Hi everyone. Today wanted to write out something that may take your attention for creating your own custom content objects. I promiss it will be really easy and fun to work with. You dont need to be a mesh creator for this or maybe you will be in the future, who knows. But i think this will be a good start.

In this tutorial, we will see how to do a basic recoloring with sims 4 studio. Also you need a 2d photo editor program to do your recolor. You can use paint, photoshop or another program you want, it does not matter. I recommed you to start with a painting or a rug, if it is your first try. Because since other furnitures such as chairs, tables or other clutter items need multipliers  to have shadows and look more realistic in game ( we will also learn how to get multiplier of an item in the next articles ) , you will also need blender program to get it. So, i will write everything step by step, lets start;

What You Need
Sims 4 Studio – you will find the latest version at
2d editor ( Paint, Photoshop, Gimp etc… )

1- Open Sims 4 Studio, under the object menu; select standalone recolor

2- Write your name at Creator Name and click on object menu

3- Choose the item you want to recolor from the menu ( If you want to recolor a custom content mesh, you first need to put the mesh file in sims 4 Studio Mods folder ) and hit next. A box will be opened, write your item’s name there and save your package file. Its better if you make a special folder on your desktop for this and save all files there to find it easily when you finish.

4- When it is opened, under catalog on the right side, you will see name, description and price tabs. You can change these as you want.

5- Click on the texture menu, next to the catalog. You will see the export button near the texture. Hit that to export your texture.

6 – Open that texture in your 2 d photo editor program and do your recolor.

7 – When you finish, save the new file as .dds or . png

8- Now go back to sims 4 studio, under the export button you will see import. This time hit import button, choose the new recolor you made. You will see the mesh is changed with your recolor.

9 – Just above, there is a menu called ” swatch tumbnail colors ”. It helps you to find the desired recolor easily in the game. You can choose up to 3 colors here to define your swatch. When you right click with your mouse, the eyedropper tool will be activated. And you can choose your colors with this , just by clicking on the color you want on your new recolor. Repeat this for all the swatches you made. And of course dont forget to import the new recolor for each swatch if there is more than one.

10 – When you finish, you will see ” save ” at right bottom. Hit save and you can close sims 4 studio.

11- Take the new package from where you saved and put it in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. And you can test in in your game with the name you gave it.

Never forget EA doesnt support custom contents, so use them on your own risk.
I hope this tutorial will be helpful to those, who wants to get start with custom content creating. I will always be glad to help, so if you need help or have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask. I will do my best to help.

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