Vans Deco

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  • Mesh by Pixicat
  • Recolors by Riekus13
  • 1766 poly
  • 19 swatches


  1. Izaan

    Do i Need to get the Mesh?

    • leosims

      Mesh is included

  2. Sarah

    Hello, when I download this, it just downloads the original mesh package file, I can’t get the new recolors to appear?

    • leosims


      mesh is included its not a recolor

  3. Sarah

    Thank you for your response. The original mesh was by pixicat, yes? It didn’t have any of these cool patterns or colors in the picture here. So, when I download this, I still only have the original by pixicat with the base colors/patterns, not these. Any ideas?

  4. Sarah

    I just REALLY want the swatches/patterns shown here, but the file I download only has the original Pixicat swatches. 🙁

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