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They come with 2 versions. Original was with ribbons but high poly so i deleted ribbons and converted as lower poly. Both deco Only. But I got many asks about my deco baby conversions. I still didnt update them but they are in the file. So you can use deco babies with them.

  • Without Ribbons – 2129 poly – 5 swatches
  • With Ribbons – 12863 poly – 5 swatches
  • Deco Babies – Total 15 meshes ( converted from theraven )


Meshes by Frankie , Original HERE. Thank you ♥

1 review for Co-Sleepers

  1. Beatrice

    Omg YAY! I find them and thank you so much! (Grammar corrected)

    • leosims

      🙂 ♥

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