Outdoor Retreat Game Pack

Hello again with a Game Pack review. Outdoor Retreat Game Pack is the first game pack for sims 4, published on 17 February 2017. It doesnt have a physical copy to buy, so you can only buy and download it from your Origin accounts. Its price is $ 20, available for both pc and mac. It brings out new cas and buy/ build mode objects and also new game play options as camping activities. I will try to give all details about this pack in this article and to start with as always sorry for my english mistakes. Lets start;

Granite Falls

The pack coming with a new world available, Granite Falls. There are total 5 ready lots here, and you can stay up to 7 days in this location. You can use computers and phones to go on vacation to this world with your friends and family. You can choose the number of days you want to stay while selecting vacation point, you can also shorten your visit or choose to stay longer during your vacation. It has three neighbourhoods ; The National Forest, The Campgrounds and the Hermit’s House. When you visit the world, you will be authomatically directed to campgrounds, and you need to rent a camping here. When you arrive Park Rangers will meet you there. You can interact with Park Rangers, get information about camping lots or buy camping supplies. You will be able to buy food, campfires, camping chairs and tables and tents from the camping store Ranger’s station. You will also find some collectables in this area.

Our second location is the forest.  It s a beautiful location with its waterfalls and collectables also. And the secret location Hermit’s House is located on this lot. To find this secret location, you need to go to the ranger station and select the option ” explore woods ”. Then you will select the granite falls forest national park. You can do this from zooming into the map or phone. When you arrive there you need to find  ” Bramble Patch ”. You have to look carefully because it is surrounded by trees and a bit hard to see. When you find it , click on the patch and you will have the option to explore. Like the other secret locations, here also you will get some questions to let you in. Here are what you need to do and answer in a correct order;

  1. Step Forward
  2. Go Through Web
  3. Sally Forth
  4. Travel Towards The Sim
  5. Ignore The Object
  6. Keep Walking

When you answer all these questions, you will be directed to the secret location The Hermit’s Mountainside Retreat. You will meet Herbit sims here. As they are friendly sims, you can easily interact with them and be friends. After being friend with a herbit sim, you can learn Herbalism Recipe from them. There is no toher way to learn this recipe. Other thing you can do here is gather collectables from Hermit’s House which you cant find anywhere else.

Herbalism Skill

We have a new skill with this pack, herbalism. To improve this skill, there are few things you can do; reading skill books, gather collectables, improving your gardening skills, identifying wild plants and brew herbal remedies at grill ( the last one is the quickest way to improve this skill ).  You can identify all the gathered collectables and it will help you to improve your sim’s herbalism skill. Below are the herbs coming with the pack with their details;

  • Elderberry – costs $ 6 – grow in 18 hours – you can find it Granite Falls National Park – gives +1 happy moodlet for 4 hours
  • Noxious Elderberry – costs $ 7 – grow in 18 hours – you can find it Granite Falls National Park – gives +2 sad moodlet for 2 hours
  • Huckleberry – costs $ 8 – grow in 18 hours-   you can find it Granite Falls National Park – gives + happy moodlet for 4 hours
  • Muckleberry – costs $ 9 – grow in 18 hours – you can find it Granite Falls National Park -gives +2 dazed moodlet for 2 hours
  • Poison Fireleaf – costs $ 11 – grow in 18 hours – you can find it Granite Falls National Park – gives +2 angry moodlet for 2 hours
  • Fireleaf – costs $ 13 – grow in 18 hours – you can find it Granite Falls National Park – gives +1 happy moodlet for 4 hours
  • Chamomile – costs $ 14 – grow in 24 hours – you can find it Granite Falls National Park – gives +1 happy moodlet for 4 hours
  • Toxic Chamomile – costs $ 15 – grow in 24 hours – you can find it Granite Falls National Park – gives +2 tense moodlet for 4 hours
  • Morel Mushroom – costs $ 17 – grow in 24 hours – you can find it  in hidden area of Granite Falls – gives +1 happy moodlet for 4 hours
  • False Morel Mushroom – costs $ 19 – grow in 24 hours -you can find it Granite Falls National Park- +2 uncomfortable moodlet for 2 hours

Herbalism Receipes

  • Insect Repellent  liniment – you need 2 basils and 2 noxious elderberries – it prevents insect bites – needed skill level is 1
  • Sadness Alleviation Lotion – you need 1 firefly and 2 elderberries – deleted sad moodlets – needed skill level is 1
  • Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Recipe – you need 3 morel mushrooms, 2 false morels, 1 blackberry and 1 dust spirit – you can learn this skill by being friend with a herbit sim – needed skill level is 1
  • Deodorizing Cream –  you need 1 elderberry, 1 strawyberry and 2 parsleys – fulls hygiene need – needed skill level is 2
  • Soothing Skin Balm – you need 2 chamomiles, 2 basils and 1 locust –  heals insect and bug bites – needed skill level is 3
  • De-Stressing Decoction – you need 2 chamomiles, 2 muckleberries and 1 walking stick – removes tense moodlets – needed skill level is 4
  • Tummy Therapy – you need 2 huckleberries, 2 sages and 1 termite – removes nausea moodlets – needed skill level is 5
  • Clear Mind Distillation – you need 2 toxic chamomiles, 2 huckleberries and 2 parsleys – gives +2 focused moodlet for 4 hours – needed skill level is 6
  • Fireleaf Extract – you need  poison fireleaves, 2 morel mushrooms and 1 fire ant – gives uncomfortable moodlet for 8 hours and stomach problems – needed skill level is 6
  • Natural Herbicide Oil – you need 2 toxic chamomiles ,  3 fireleaves and 1 stink bug –  removes weeds from plants – needed skill level is 7
  • Energizer Infusion – you need 3 muckleberries,  2 poison fireleaves and 1 dragonfly –  gives +2 energized moodlet for 4 hours – needed skill level is 8
  • Rage Relieving Salve – you need 3 noxious elderberries, 1 tomato, 2 fireleaves, 1 rainbow firefly – removes anger moodlets- needed skill level is 9
  • Elixir of Fertility – you need 4 false morels,  2 sages,  1 bee and 1 Will-o-the-Wisp – increases the chance for twins or triplets – needed skill level is 10

Enthusiast Aspiration

We also have a new aspiration with the pack. Sims with this aspiration are in love with everything about nature. You can go camping, be friend with herbit sims, collect insects and herbs, improve herbalism skills to make these sims happy.


There are more interactions coming with the pack;

  • Stargazing
  • Taking Deep Breaths for relief
  • Wear Bear costume and roar interaction with this costume. You can scare other sims
  • Weenie Roast –  new social  event around camp fire
  • Woohoo in camping tents
  • Woodworking Table which you can create ; Garden pots and planters at level 2 handiness,  mirror at level 3 handiness, wall shelf at level 4 handiness, wall hanging at level 5 handiness, camping mascot at level 7 handiness.
  • New Cooking Receipes ; granola , hotdogs, beetles, roasted fish, veggie ddogs, marshmallows, baked potato, gumbo, grilled fruit, fried fish, fruit cobbler, breakfast scramble, walleye surprise.

Build / Buy Mode Items

There are 60 new objects coming with the pack

  • Ranger Station
  • Camparound information kiosk & Map
  • Deco camping trunks
  • Wolf Pytts Essentials Utensils Deco
  • Flame Resistant Cooking utensils Deco
  • Woody’s Hot Sauce, Ketchup Mustard – deco sauces
  • Ranger Stanley Jackalope Sculpture
  • Campground Sign Entrance
  • Preserved Food Deco
  • Ranger Stanley Jackalope Plushie
  • Natural Beauty Mirror
  • Classic Home Made Wood Mirror
  • Campground Warning Sign
  • Can’o Flowers
  • Cabin in a bag
  • Easy Camper Tent
  • Mega Cooler Deco
  • Rocks of Fire
  • Campfire
  • Chillville Portable Cooler Deco
  • Waterfall Shower
  • Clean Machine Sink
  • A new acoustic guitar
  • In and out picnic table
  • All purpose pebbled sink
  • A new gaming table
  • Picnic purse table
  • Memory Wood Stump
  • The impenetrable end table
  • The pack cube
  • Rocking Coffee Table
  • Hand carved wood shelf
  • Lumber Jack’s coffee table
  • Forest lovers end table
  • Tree trunk ottoman
  • 3 new Camping Chairs
  • Log chair
  • Stumpy chair
  • Find the spark loveseat
  • Tree napper sofa
  • Luxury wooden dining chair
  • Not your average firewood loveseat
  • Rustic sleeper bed
  • Airkush double and single bed
  • Gordian cot – single bed
  • Glamping vunderbed – double bed
  • 4 new wood floors
  • 6 new trees
  • Hand carved chess table
  • Odor killer trash can
  • Total 9 new lamps
  • 8 new plants
  • Outdoor Shower

6 new styled rooms ready to buy.


For Female Sims

  • 8 hairstyles and hats
  • 5 bottoms
  • 5 tops
  • 3 outfit
  • 1 new pair of socks
  • 10 new shoes

For Male Sims

  • 4 hairstyles and hats
  • 1 outfit
  • 5 bottoms
  • 6 tops
  • 9 shoes

For Female Children Sims

  • 4 hairstyles and hats
  • 5 bottoms
  • 6 tops
  • 1 outfits
  • 3 shoes
  • 1 acessory

For Male Children Sims

  • 4 tops
  • 2 hats
  • 2 bottoms
  • 1 outfit
  • 6 shoes

I may have missed a few things and will update if i notice any missing features. I hope this article will be helpful to those who want to have more information about this game pack.

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