Movie hangout stuff

Movie Hangout Stuff Pack is announced to be published at 12 January 2016 which will be the 6 th pack for sims 4 by EA. It will have 88 new additions, 36 of them will be found under build / buy and 46 of them will be found under the outfit category. The first thing which draws the attention at first sight  is the oversized TV which includes 10 original films. You can choose your films from action to romance, from horror to comedy as your taste. There will be also 2 family films to watch whole family together including kids.

Sims will react with shock , cry or a laughter according to the films they are watching.

And of course pop corns are coming as they cant be thought inseparable with movie nights. Popcorn Popper will let you have your popcorns traditional, with cheddar or caramel. But be careful while watching horror or comedy films. Sims may react and jump with scare or with a laughter so pop corns can fly everywhere ­čÖé Pop corns will cost between $10 to $25 and some options will require cooking levels.

The Stuff Pack will include new furnitures and decoratiVe objects.

As well as indoor lounges you can also create outdoor movie lounges and watch films under the stars.

Social interactions will be effected based on the choosen movie.

You can invite your friends for a movie night to your houses.

Sims can give spoilers to other sims about the films that they havent watched yet.

Your sims can declare their favourite movies and talk about it with each other.

8 new movie posters will be found under the paintings category with the pack.

Also a few couple of outfits and new hair styles will be included.

Tropical Themed Objects

Bohemian style designs

Guys will get more outlets but less hairstyles than ladies.

Male Sims will get long and navy hairs finally.

More conservative styles for the elder sims.

While female children will get 2 tops and 1 bottom, male children will get 1 top and 1 bottom. But they are not new meshes, just retextures of the base game meshes.

3 new styled rooms will be ready for use.

Some of  few new objects are a projector, beanbag chair, posters, mirror coffee table, a big tree with lanterns on it, rugs, curtains and paintings.

And for last here is a list of 10 movies you will be able to watch with the new pack


  • Diamonds are for sims
  • Roaring Vice
  • Simder
  • Sims of the Dead
  • The Khlumsee Sisters
  • Adventures of spaceship simulation
  • Moonlight Massacre 3
  • Lost Dog’s Journey To Home
  • Collage Cram
  • Superkids

It is not clear yet but assumed to be around $9,99 as the previous stuff packs.


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