Luxury Party Pack

Luxury Party Pack is the first stuff pack, published for sims 4 , on 19 May 2015 at a price of $ 9.99. The pack features new cas and furniture items with the party theme. Also there are new additions to the game play ( actually just two) . File size of this pack is 113 MB. Lets see what you will get with this first stuff pack, so you can decide if it worths to buy or not for you.

First to start with new game play options, you will get ” The Fountain Of Mirth ”. It can be placed on the buffet tables which also come with this pack. You can use ” the fountain of mirth ” to serve several food and drink options such as chocolate, caramel , cheese to eat and fruit punch, sparking apple juice,  futuristic punch, party extender punch to drink. Below are the prices and skill needs to serve these foods and drinks.

  • Fruit Punch – costs $ 25 – doesnt need any skills
  • Chocolate – costs $50 – doesnt need any skills – gives fantastic food moodlet when eaten
  • Sparkling Apple Juice – costs $ 50 – you need to be at least 3 rd level in mixology skill – makes sims playful when drinken for 4 hours
  • Cheese – costs $ 75 – you need to be at least 4 th level in cooking – makes sims happy when eaten
  • Futuristic Punch – costs $ 75 – you need to be at least 5 th level at mixology – makes sims focused when drinken
  • Caramel – costs $ 100 – you need to be at least 8 th level at cooking – gives f+ 2 happy moodlet when eaten
  • Party Extender Punch – costs $ 100 – you need to be at least 8 th level at mixology – makes sims energized when drinken for 4 hours

Sims also can improve their cooking and mixology skills with the fountain. They cant be put on tables but can be on counters. Also sims who has 4 th level of mischief, can put something for others which gives them uncomfortable moodlet when drinken.

2 buffet tables comes with the pack, one modern and other is more classical. You can place the fountain of mirth on both of them. When you click on tables,  a menu will appear with food options to serve.  Below are the food options and their prices you can serve with these buffets.

  • Almond Macaroons – costs $ 45
  • Ceviche and Chips – costs $ 53
  • Vegetable Tempura – costs $ 60
  • Sausage and Peppers – costs $ 74
  • Roast Chicken – costs $ 98

You can select all options to fill the table and it will cost you for $ 250.  Both buffets has slots and you can also put other food prepared by your sims.

There are two new ready styled rooms coming with the pack , one for indoor and one for outdoor, both designed for parties and made of the new furnitures that came with the pack. Both rooms come with various color options to choose one.

You will be getting new furniture objects which are; ( total 12 new objects )

  • A new Bar and Stool
  • Curtains ( big enough to cover all the windows  in game )
  • Wall Lamp
  • Floor Lamp
  • Ottoman
  • End Table
  • Chair – also can be used for weddings
  • Glowing Cube Table

And finally for the CAS section ;

  • Three new hairs for male sims
  • Four new hairs for female sims – both short and long cuts
  • Five outfits for female sims
  • Four outfits for male sims , also tops and shoes
  • Six new accessories
  • Nine new make up options

So here you know what you will get with the luxury stuff pack. If you compare with sims 3 , you will get less features this time for sure. We had really so much more options for both game play and furnitures in sims 3. But also the price is not too high for a stuff pack. For me, as a player who plays with custom content objects, i m not really after the new furnitures or cas items. For me the most important part is the game play features and i cant say i m fully satisfied with just 2 new additions. But decision is yours…

I hope you find this article helpful if you are trying to decide to buy this pack or not.



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