Kids stuff pack

After a long wait for a new pack EA published  Kids Stuff Pack at the 28 th of June. As you can understand from the name, this pack was about adding new stuff, objects, clothes, gameplay etc.. for the kids and costs $9.99 . You need only sims 4 base game to use the pack. You will get;

40 new Build/ Buy stuff
40 new CAS Stuff
3 new styled rooms with the new pack.

As a custom content creator and a player who prefers to play with mods and custom content objects, i am not really interested in new furnitures, clothes or hairs  they bring into game as i can download them whenever i want.But to inform you about what you will get with the pack there are some kids bedroom furnitures, wall stickers, stencils, posters , some new hairs and playful clothes which can be used both for male and female kids.

And as most important issue to me, we have some new gameplay options. I am one of the biggest complainers about the lack of toddlers and unfortunately we still dont have them. It is a really big deficiency that babies transit into kid stage , skipping the toddler stage.We still miss too much game play because of the lack of them and I really hope EA announces coming of toddlers soon. I know really too many people complain about this issue in sims community.Despite this subject, this stuff pack helps us to spend more time with kids in game. As i like playing with families, i needed these features.

One of the new feautures (and for me the best feauture ) of this pack is the Puppet Theater, comes with the puppet stage. Kids can play in this stage box or perform shows for other sims to watch. At first they can perform 2 different shows only but as their skills developed, number of shows will be increassed. It is really cute watcing kids changing their voices according to the characters they perform, and also really loved the little speech bubbles occuring when they are talking the puppets. Kids will have fun and develop their social skills with these shows they perform with other kids. Parents and older sims can watch performances with reactions according to the subject of shows, but they can use this feature.

A new tv channel for kids is also a new addition to the game and a radio station which is called as ”Tween”  which has only 4 new simlish songs in it.

Another new great feature is voidcritters. Kids find, collect these magical monster cards and can trade with each other. There are total 20 monsters to find. You can purchase these cards from computer or search for them by digging trash bins. Kids can play battle games with these monster cards and improve their relationships.  Teens and older sims can only watch these battles but cant play themselves.

Not for the new stuff but for the new game play improvements , i  dont regret buying this pack. Loved the new features and cute activities it brought into game. But have to say again and again, EA  we are still waiting for the toddlers! …

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