Ghost guide

Ghost are back for sims 4. With the first constent pack of sims 4, we can have ghosts in our games for free.

When a sims die, they visit their house at 00.00 , once every 3 nights. And they go back to their graves with the sun. If you want to call a ghost by yourself, you need to go near the grave and select ”moune” command. With a chance it may appear or not.

At sims 3 ghosts had color options according to the way of their death. But in sims 4 their colors change according to their mood. When they first come out from grave as a ghost, they come with the mood and mood  color when they die.

If you build good relationships with the ghost, you can convince her/him to move in with you. If they move in, you can control the ghost  like your sims.

What Ghosts Do?

  • They move furnitures. You can see that option when you click on an object. Ghost will go inside the object and move it. But after that the object will be broken and need repair. They can also repair object with the command ”ghostly repair”, faster than normal sims. If there is a sim in the room, they can get angry when ghosts break things.
  • They scare other sims.You can find this command from ”mischief”.If the ghost had bad relationships with a sim before die, they will tend to scare them.
  • They can pass through other sims. This command is also under ”mischief. Sims can react good or bad to this action , according to their mood and relationship with the ghost.
  • You can talk about death with ghosts. This action can be found under ”friendly” menu. You can also chat and ask about being dead, with the same menu.
  • They eat and drink like normal sims. But when they drink something, they leave liquid behind them.
  • They build relationships with others, get effected with happenings and build skills.
  • Their actions are effected by the way they die. For example, if they died by a fire, they can be tended to play with fire. If they died of hunger, they will tend to get hungry more often and their mood will decrease faster.
  • If a married sim dies, it wont come as married. You need to propose again.

Lastly you have a chance to bring a ghost back to life with ambrosia flower. You need to have  10 level of cooking skill, 10 level of gourmet cooking skill and 7 level of gardening skill for using ambrosia.

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