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Finally the first expansion pack is coming for the sims 4. The release date will be 31 March 2015 as it is announced by EA. It is one of the most popular and favourite expansive packs in the whole sims history. For me it is the best of ever as it will change the whole game play with adding new lots, objects and interactions. I am sure that it will be fun.

It will include 3 active careers; detective, doctor and scientist. But these are not all. You can also create your own business retail and manage. New coming objects will help decorating business lots.

You will actively be in control of your sims while they are working. Play a big role in work performances, getting promotions, relationships with other staff etc..

You can be a doctor, save lives, treat patients, do surgeries and even can deliver babies.You will be able to tell the gender of babies as you gain more experience in work. Doctor sims can diagnose illnesses, use x-rays, measure temperatures, do body scannings and discuss health of patients with other doctor sims.

You can be a detective, investigate crime scenes, analyze evidences, question and take finger prints from suspect sims and arrest criminals. You can choose to play good or the bad cop. Detective sims will work with the new police station which is also coming with the new pack, travel to crime scenes to gather and take pictures of evidences

You can be a scientist, collect specimens and build inventions. Also scientist sims will be able to travel to a new  alien world which is named as ‘Sixam’. Sims can interact with new species on that world, build friendships with aliens there and can even add them to the household. Also new collectibles can be found at Sixam which  includes three new type of plants, 2 metals, 2 crystals and a new element..
Scientist sims will also have the ability of transforming objects and controlling other sims minds. Travel around the worlds, collect metals and fossils are the other actions that your scientist sims can perform during the game play.

You can create and customize any kind of business from bakery to art gallery, bookstores or boutiques etc…

Hospital, Police Office and Science labratories are coming with new objects which will help your sims success among their careers.

In your own shops, you will be able to sell everything from clothes to books, coffee or computers etc… You can hire up to 3 staff with various skills. You can also manage your stuff uniforms, promote and fire them.

Your sims can create new objects with developing new skills.

Satellite Dish coming which prevents aliens to abduct your sims.

Vending machines are coming, letting your sims to buy food while interacting with other sims.

Magnolia Promenade is a new neighbourhood is coming with 4 lots to build your business.

And alien mystery. Some of the aliens looks like normal sims and live inside us. You will try to find out the sims which are not from this world. Male sims can get pregnant with alien abduction and have babies. After having the baby you can choose it to stay with you or send it to its homeworld.

A new skill of photography. You can picture everything in game and sell your photographs to get an additional income.

These are all the information i could find out about the new expansion pack for now.

Price is expected to be $39.99. It is same as the expansion pack for sims 3.

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