Dine out

Finally EA has announced the new game pack. Sims 4- Dine out is coming soon. We were able to visit restaurants before. But with this pack we will also be able to own, customize and operate our own restaurants.

The game pack will come out with 2 stuff packs. Movie Hangout stuff and Romantic Garden stuff packs will be included. Expected release date is 7 th of June 2016.

The trailer showed that we will also have new furniture with the new pack. You can  build and design unique restaurants ,hire and choose clothes for the stuff , set menus and prices. You will be able to find and select menus like diner, italian, brunch, experimental …You will have desserts, appetizer, main course and drinks options for the menus. Cooking skills will play an important role at least for your chefs.Chatting with your customers will effect customer satisfaction.

You can bring your sims to various restaurants for your perfect dates, socializing with friends or for the birthday parties…

It is not clear now if we can use uniforms for our staff or not.
You can own and franchaise multiple restaurants at once.
Sims can also eat in outdoor dining areas.
A host will meet customers and bring them to tables
If food is bad sims will react.
Sims will order and pay manually.
You will be able to take pictures of the food and save to the inventory.
Children can do coloring before eat, at the table.
There is a couple of new hairs for woman, man and children.
An outdoor heat lamp , some new chandeliers, some decorations, windows and wallpapers are announced with the trailer.
Sims can heat their hands with the outdoor heat lamp.
You wont need ‘Get To Work’ pack for this pack.

Finally the price is expected to be $19,99 as same price with the previous game packs Spa Day and Outdoor Retreat.

Here you can watch out the lastest news at sims original page .

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