Cowplant Guide

You can remember cowplants in sims 2 , which came as a career reward for natural science in the Univercity Pack. After that when sims 3 released, they became available in sims 3 store as a pay content. And now we have them in sims 4 for free.
It is not very easy to find cowplants. There are 4 ways to find them;

1 – Fishing

According to your fishing skill, the chance to find a cowplant will be higher. You can mostly find them by fishing at ”Oasis Springs Desert Bloom Park” and the ” Forgotten Grotto ”. You may not just fish and find a cowplant berry instantly, you need to be patient for a while since it may take some time to find a one.

2- Digging

3-Searching with the space ship
With some luck you can find one , while exploring around the space.

4- Grafting
To graft plants, your gardening skill must be at least 7.
There is another way to get them easily with a cheat. If you prefer to get a cowplant with this way, first you need to open the cheat console with ” CTRL + SHIFT + C ”. Enter ”testingcheats true”. After that enter ” bb.showhiddenobjects”. You can now close your cheat panel again with ” CTRL + SHIFT + C ” and search ”cowplant” in the search box which you use to find objects in build mode. You will find it there, ready to buy.
To plant a cowplant in your garden, you dont need any gardening skills.

So, what you can do with your cowplant ?

1 – You can get milk from them ( you will find extra information about this milk below )
2 – You can pet, talk and play with them.
3 – You can feed them
4 – You can collect samples when they grown enough.
5 – You can watch them dancing when there is music around.

You need to feed cowplants every 12 hours. Otherwise if they get hungry and dont get fed, they will attemp to eat sims around. They do this by tricking your sim with a piece of cake on their tongue. When they stick out their tongue with the cake, you will have 2 options. You can understand that it is hungry and feed the cowplant or try to get the cake. If you choose to get the cake, your sim will be eaten by the cowplant. They can sometimes spit sims back. When they eat a sim first time, they mostly spit them back. But if they dont, Grim Reaper will appear and a tombstone will be left instead of the dead sim.
Even they eat and kill your sims or spit them back, they produce some kind of milk. You can collect and drink this milk to change your sim’s emotion. The milk’s emotion state will be based on the emotion of the sim eaten. For example , if your sim was at happy mood when eaten by a cowplant, milk it produce, will give happiness to the sim who drink it. If the cowplant produced milk with the death of the sim it ate, that milk will have a special power. It will add more days to the sim’s life who drinks it. It will also give happiness.
Cowplants need to be fed every 12 hours as we mentioned before. If you dont feed them for 24 hours and they cant find any sim to eat around, they will die because of hunger. they will leave their skeleton behind when they die and they cant be brought back to life again.
Lastly, children sims can only play with cowplants. They cant feed them or cant be tricked by the cake it gives because of the hunger.

I hope you find this guide useful for your cowplants.

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