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Cheats for sims 4 (part 2)

This is the second part of our sims 4 cheats article and we will see more specific and detailed cheats here.
As always, we open our cheat console with ”Ctrl + Shift + C ” and enter ” testingcheats true ” to activate cheats mode. We always have to do this before entering our cheat codes. Lets see what cheats we have in this part and what they bring to us.
cas.fulledit mode – You will have many more edit options with this cheat while creating your sim in the cas mode.
Shift + ] – while holding your object , this command will make your object bigger. After sizing your object , you have to move it at least one tile to see the change.You can redo the sizing with ” Shift + [ ” or ” Crtl + Z ” to undo.Objects cant be made smaller than the original sizes.
money x – enter the amount of money you want, in place of x and the money will be in your household account.
ALT – This is not an actual cheat code but it can be very useful while placing objects. This key will give you more options to place your furnitures. When you hold ALT key while moving your object , the footprint ( grid ) for the item will be ignored. Using this with key with the ” bb.moveobjects ” cheat will give you much more options for placements.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab – You can easily change sims 4 camera mode to sims 3 camera mode or reverse with this code without going to the options menu and change manually.
Free Rotating – For this, you have to be on sims 3 camera mode. As you know there is a limit while rotating an object ( about 45 degree ) but with on sims 3 camera mode by holding the ALT key , ” < ” and ” > ” keys will help you to rotate your item more freely.
stats.fill_commodities_household – all needs will we fulfilled and motives will be maxed of your household’s members with this cheat.
stats.set_skill_level Major_x y – You can increase or maximize any skills of your sims with this cheat. Enter the name of the skill you want, instead of ” x ” and the number you prefer as the level of that skill , instead of ” y ‘.
careers.promote x – enter the name of the career you want to have your sim promoted at. If you want to undo this operation you can type ” demote ” instead of ” promote ”.
traits.equip_trait x – this command will add the trait you replace with ” x ” to your sim.
traits.remove_trait x – if you write a trait name instead of ” x ” after this command , that trait will be deleted from your sim.
traits.clear_traits – this cheat will delete all the traits of your sim.
bb.give_sim_all_skills – your sim will have all the skills at level 10 with this cheat without working on any subject.
careers.promote Gradesschool – this will raise your chils sims’s grade one letter.
careers.promote Highschool – and this one will help teens to raise their grades one letter.
sims.give_satisfaction_points x – enter the amount of satisfaction points that you want instead of ” x ” and it will be added to your sim.
Casclockspeed 0-1-?? – this cheat is for the CAS mode only. It will slow down or speed up the actions of your sim in cas mode.

I thinks there will be a few more articles about cheats as we have tons of more. I hope you find this acticle useful.

Cheats for sims 4

As you know while playing we need to fulfill our sim’s needs such as hunger, sleep , toilet, earning money etc… Of course it is more fun playing on real time and without cheats, building our sims lifes step by step. However you may want some extra money from short way or disable your sim’s needs not to lose time with feeding or sending them to toilet. So, we have some cheats for those who prefer to play with them. Lets see what we can do with these cheats.

While some of the cheats work in build mode, you have to be in live mode for most of them.First we need to enter ”Ctrl + Shift + C” to open cheat panel in the top left corner of the game screen and write ”testingcheats true” to activate cheat mode.

kaching – will give you $1000
motherlode – will give you $50.000
death.toggle.false – this cheat is for disabling your sims’s death by any type
freerealestate on – all houses will be free with this cheat
sims.remove_all_buffs – all negative moodlets will be deleted while positive ones stay
household.autopay_bills true – your house bills will be paid automatically on time ( money will be taken from your account)
bb.moveobjects – The best way for this is using OMSP’ s for my opinion. But if you prefer to play without mods, you can use this cheat. Because of the grids in the game , we cant always put objects very close to each other. With this cheat ( which is my favourite , becuase i only use game to decorate ) you can put any object to where you want. You can also move them up and down with 0 – 9 . But as i told, OMSP’s are the best option because this cheat has also some limitations.
headlineeffects on/off – You can enable or disable headline effects with this cheat. Will be very useful while taking screenshots.
bb.showhiddenobjects – it may take lots of time and effort to find all of the hidden objects in game. With this cheat , all of them will be available and buyable.
bb.enablefreebuild – you can build even on locked lots with this cheat
bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement – some of the game items are locked. To unlock them you need to have career achievements according to the object. Or you can use this cheat to unlock them all easily.
sims.give_satisfaction_points – Write the amount of satisfaction point you want after this cheat by leaving one space. For example sims.give_satisfaction_points 1000. You can buy rewards with this points.
by shift + clicking on your sim – you will see a menu appears with some options. From these options you can make your sim happy or disable/enable its needs.
by shift + clicking on the ground – you will be able to teleport your sim anywhere you want inside your neighbourhood.
by shift + clicking on any object – you will be able to make any object clean or dirty and reset an item.

These are some of the main cheats i wanted to share with you in this acticle. There are so many more such as about relationships, careers etc. And new ones continuing to come. There will be articles about other cheats soon. I hope you find this article useful.