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Sims 4 city living

Sims 4 City Living- Apartment Life is coming soon. Expected date for both PC and Mac is 1 st of November 2016. With this expansion pack we will get many new features and new style of game play. In sims 3 we didnt have apartment life, we had ”late night” expansion pack a little similar to it but this will be more different.

The most important change will be living in a community. Neighbours will take a big place in our game. We will live with other people and they will affect our lifes of course. If you play loud music in the late night, your neighbours can be disturbed and come to your door for example. Sim guru Sarah gave some tips about the new expansion pack coming and answered community questions in twitter. Here are some tips i collected from the answers about the new pack we wait.

All the neighbours will be interesting characters, some of them are inspired from tv shows , sitcoms. Diversity of neighbours will make sims lives richer.You will meet them in common areas, entrances and elevators.

Apartments will only be available in the new sims world SAN MYSHUNO, which is also coming with the city living expansion pack. You cant build apartments in other worlds.

Depending to the apartment , you can have 4 families at the same time.

There will be 1 – 4 apartments in one building. Like before , also in City Living maxium 8 sims can live in one apartment.

No building apartments from scratch. You can design apartment interiors as you wish. But you wont be able to build the whole apartment complex ,cant change the exterior walls which is a little disappointing for me as a player who only plays the game for building and designing.

Spaces will be limited. You wont be able to build another room if your house is not big as you want.

You will be able to visit the neighbours in your apartment.

2 new traits and aspiration coming with the pack. Unflirty and vegetarian traits will be available. The new aspiration will be ”city native”. It will focus on meeting new people and exploring the city.

There will be two bed low end apartments.

You can have some problems while living in an apartment with pipes, electrical wires or pests, rats or cockroaches…

Lot Traits will be available for all other lots.

You will experience ”earthquakes”. And it will be a lot trait, that means it will also be available for other lots. Worlds will shake, your sims will react and according to the level of the earthquake moodlets can be changed.

There will be loading screens when transiting between apartments like when you visit your neighbours.

You can have room mates and other households that you can share the building and pay the rent together with.

You can give and take back the key of your apartment to other sims.

You can use styled rooms in apartments.

You can turn penthouses into venuses.

You will pay rent and there will be landlords, who can be flirted or be friends with, which might get your apartment problems solved easier ­čÖé

There will be elevators and they will be used with no loading screen. You can meet your neighbours in elevators.

There will be festivals you can join, in the new world of City Living. There will be up to 5 different festivals which you can also watch from your windows.

Not all but some apartments will have balconies.

You wont have bills like we have in residental life, Rent will include them and pay all the bills.

Each apartment can have different traits.

These are the some tips about the new game play according to the answers of sim guru sarah and really enough to excite me ­čÖé

Lastly it will require base game and all the latest updates and patches.

Kids stuff pack

After a long wait for a new pack EA published  Kids Stuff Pack at the 28 th of June. As you can understand from the name, this pack was about adding new stuff, objects, clothes, gameplay etc.. for the kids and costs $9.99 . You need only sims 4 base game to use the pack. You will get;

40 new Build/ Buy stuff
40 new CAS Stuff
3 new styled rooms with the new pack.

As a custom content creator and a player who prefers to play with mods and custom content objects, i am not really interested in new furnitures, clothes or hairs  they bring into game as i can download them whenever i want.But to inform you about what you will get with the pack there are some kids bedroom furnitures, wall stickers, stencils, posters , some new hairs and playful clothes which can be used both for male and female kids.

And as most important issue to me, we have some new gameplay options. I am one of the biggest complainers about the lack of toddlers and unfortunately we still dont have them. It is a really big deficiency that babies transit into kid stage , skipping the toddler stage.We still miss too much game play because of the lack of them and I really hope EA announces coming of toddlers soon. I know really too many people complain about this issue in sims community.Despite this subject, this stuff pack helps us to spend more time with kids in game. As i like playing with families, i needed these features.

One of the new feautures (and for me the best feauture ) of this pack is the Puppet Theater, comes with the puppet stage. Kids can play in this stage box or perform shows for other sims to watch. At first they can perform 2 different shows only but as their skills developed, number of shows will be increassed. It is really cute watcing kids changing their voices according to the characters they perform, and also really loved the little speech bubbles occuring when they are talking the puppets. Kids will have fun and develop their social skills with these shows they perform with other kids. Parents and older sims can watch performances with reactions according to the subject of shows, but they can use this feature.

A new tv channel for kids is also a new addition to the game and a radio station which is called as ”Tween” ┬áwhich has only 4 new simlish songs in it.

Another new great feature is voidcritters. Kids find, collect these magical monster cards and can trade with each other. There are total 20 monsters to find. You can purchase these cards from computer or search for them by digging trash bins. Kids can play battle games with these monster cards and improve their relationships.  Teens and older sims can only watch these battles but cant play themselves.

Not for the new stuff but for the new game play improvements , i ┬ádont regret buying this pack. Loved the new features and cute activities it brought into game. But have to say again and again, EA ┬áwe are still waiting for the toddlers! …


Many people asking about polycounts after i started to mention each object’s poly. I will try to explain what is polycount and what is the importance of it for us.

Each object’s surfaces are made of triangles. We call these triangles, polygons. And number of ┬áthese polygons determines the polycount of the object. Everything in your game are made of polygons, objects, hairs, clothes, accessories and even houses. While a simple object has less polygons, complicated objects have more polygons. While a painting have 4-5 poly, a clutter object may have 1000 or more poly. But why this is important ?

There are always conflicts between some creators and users about polygons.Each computer’s performance, graphics and handling is different. So, while some people can use many high poly objects in their game without any problem, some people with low performance computers, may have problem with them such as slowing down their games. For myself, my computer has a good graphic card as it has to be, since i work with 3 d objects mostly. I can use ┬á+20.000 poly objects without any problem. ┬áI even know people who create and use +30.000 polygons. But also some other people thinks even 3000-4000 is high.

Here are some problems you can face because of using high polycount objects in your game. And if you have any problems like these, you might need to check polycounts of items you use for your game.

  • Slowed Down Game
  • Game Freeze
  • System Freeze
  • Slowing Down while zooming and scrolling
  • Graphic Problems

It is also important that how many you have and how much you use high poly items.  If you face any problems, it is better that you use them sparingly. Dont use 20 high poly items at the same time in a lot for example. If it is not mentioned the polycounts of objects, you can check them by yourself. Open the object with sims 4 studio program and go to meshes tab as you see in the screenshot below. You can see the polycount of every item there.polycounts

It is really hard to say what might be considered as ”high poly” or what is acceptable, as we mentioned it really depends on many factors about your computers. But there is one more thing you have to know. Polygons are calculated per tile. You will understand better with an example. For example lets say we have a sofa with 6000 polycount.You may say it is a bit high at first sight. But sofas has 3 tiles, that means they cover 3 grids in game, while a clutter object mostly covers only 1 tile. So 6000/3 = 2000 polygons for 1 tile is still agreeable for all for a sofa. But a decorative object which has 1 tile and has 6000 polygons can be told high poly for some people.

So you need to know specialities of your computer and watch your game to know what you can handle and what not.  If you really like some items but uncomfortable with their polycounts, there are some programs to lower the polygons. Of course when you lower them too much their shape will start to change. I will soon write a tutorial about the easiest way of reducing polygons of objects.

Ghost guide

Ghost are back for sims 4. With the first constent pack of sims 4, we can have ghosts in our games for free.

When a sims die, they visit their house at 00.00 , once every 3 nights. And they go back to their graves with the sun. If you want to call a ghost by yourself, you need to go near the grave and select ”moune” command. With a chance it may appear or not.

At sims 3 ghosts had color options according to the way of their death. But in sims 4 their colors change according to their mood. When they first come out from grave as a ghost, they come with the mood and mood  color when they die.

If you build good relationships with the ghost, you can convince her/him to move in with you. If they move in, you can control the ghost  like your sims.

What Ghosts Do?

  • They move furnitures. You can see that option when you click on an object. Ghost will go inside the object and move it. But after that the object will be broken and need repair. They can also repair object with the command ”ghostly repair”, faster than normal sims. If there is a sim in the room, they can get angry when ghosts break things.
  • They scare other sims.You can find this command from ”mischief”.If the ghost had bad relationships with a sim before die, they will tend to scare them.
  • They can pass through other sims. This command is also under ”mischief. Sims can react good or bad to this action , according to their mood and relationship with the ghost.
  • You can talk about death with ghosts. This action can be found under ”friendly” menu. You can also chat and ask about being dead, with the same menu.
  • They eat and drink like normal sims. But when they drink something, they leave liquid behind them.
  • They build relationships with others, get effected with happenings and build skills.
  • Their actions are effected by the way they die. For example, if they died by a fire, they can be tended to play with fire. If they died of hunger, they will tend to get hungry more often and their mood will decrease faster.
  • If a married sim dies, it wont come as married. You need to propose again.

Lastly you have a chance to bring a ghost back to life with ambrosia flower. You need to have  10 level of cooking skill, 10 level of gourmet cooking skill and 7 level of gardening skill for using ambrosia.

Dine out

Finally EA has announced the new game pack. Sims 4- Dine out is coming soon. We were able to visit restaurants before. But with this pack we will also be able to own, customize and operate our own restaurants.

The game pack will come out with 2 stuff packs. Movie Hangout stuff and Romantic Garden stuff packs will be included. Expected release date is 7 th of June 2016.

The trailer showed that we will also have new furniture with the new pack. You can ┬ábuild and design unique restaurants ,hire and choose clothes for the stuff , set menus and prices. You will be able to find and select menus like diner, italian, brunch, experimental …You will have desserts, appetizer, main course and drinks options for the menus. Cooking skills will play an important role at least for your chefs.Chatting with your customers will effect customer satisfaction.

You can bring your sims to various restaurants for your perfect dates, socializing with friends or for the birthday parties…

It is not clear now if we can use uniforms for our staff or not.
You can own and franchaise multiple restaurants at once.
Sims can also eat in outdoor dining areas.
A host will meet customers and bring them to tables
If food is bad sims will react.
Sims will order and pay manually.
You will be able to take pictures of the food and save to the inventory.
Children can do coloring before eat, at the table.
There is a couple of new hairs for woman, man and children.
An outdoor heat lamp , some new chandeliers, some decorations, windows and wallpapers are announced with the trailer.
Sims can heat their hands with the outdoor heat lamp.
You wont need ‘Get To Work’ pack for this pack.

Finally the price is expected to be $19,99 as same price with the previous game packs Spa Day and Outdoor Retreat.

Here you can watch out the lastest news at sims original page .

Romantic garden stuff

EA announced the new pack coming soon. It will be available on 9 February 2016 including new decorative objects,clothes and hair styles. It will be perfect to have our bothanical gardens and also building our backyards. And the timing is also perfect to come out just before the Valentines Day. So excited for this pack as i also love to work with garden at real life.

It will only require Sims 4 Base game to work.

You will have various flowers and marble furnitures to build Victorian style gardens.

Fountain of Gluteus Maximus will make it available that your sims can sit on it’s edges,toss coin .cuddle and flick water to each other. If your sims feel playful they can also add soap to the fountain and watch the bubbles ­čÖé Kids can climb and play with water inside the fountain.

Another feature ‘The Whsispering Wishing Well ‘ will be included with the pack which will cost a single simoleon to wish happiness, love, success , child and more..There will be 50 different outcomes for the wishes and they wont be able to make another wish for the next 8 hours. Sims can offer different amounts of simoleons for the wishes.You need to be careful what and when you wish for. It will alter your sims fates forever and they might not always get what they wished for . You can end up with a bad romantic relationship or lose money instead of winning the lottery for example. Ghostly sims can be given endless life by the wishing well.

The Lost Gardens of Healing and New Park Venue will be coming with the new pack.You can access these lots from the worlds. It will create a beautiful atmosphere for your romantic stories. With the floral fashion and hairstyles you will be able to make your sims look perfect for that stories. They will want to be in their best look when visiting these locations.

As your sims hanging around the parks. they will be listening the new Baroque radio station which includes melodies from the 1600s.

Moss covered statues and ivy wrapped arches will be coming with the pack to help you build fashioned gardens.

The Pack will  include a variety of new plants, stone furnituress and a few other decorative items.
Man will get a hair style and couple of outfits.Woman will get more outfits than man and children will share an outfit and hair style.

There will be 5 new designed rooms.

Only if you have ”Get Together ” expansion, a new activity will come up with this pack.”Play in Park Fountains ” activity can be choosen when you create a club.

And it is not sure yet but if compared to other stuff packs it will be around $9,99..

Get to work

Finally the first expansion pack is coming for the sims 4. The release date will be 31 March 2015 as it is announced by EA. It is one of the most popular and favourite expansive packs in the whole sims history. For me it is the best of ever as it will change the whole game play with adding new lots, objects and interactions. I am sure that it will be fun.

It will include 3 active careers; detective, doctor and scientist. But these are not all. You can also create your own business retail and manage. New coming objects will help decorating business lots.

You will actively be in control of your sims while they are working. Play a big role in work performances, getting promotions, relationships with other staff etc..

You can be a doctor, save lives, treat patients, do surgeries and even can deliver babies.You will be able to tell the gender of babies as you gain more experience in work. Doctor sims can diagnose illnesses, use x-rays, measure temperatures, do body scannings and discuss health of patients with other doctor sims.

You can be a detective, investigate crime scenes, analyze evidences, question and take finger prints from suspect sims and arrest criminals. You can choose to play good or the bad cop. Detective sims will work with the new police station which is also coming with the new pack, travel to crime scenes to gather and take pictures of evidences

You can be a scientist, collect specimens and build inventions. Also scientist sims will be able to travel to a new ┬áalien world which is named as ‘Sixam’. Sims can interact with new species on that world, build friendships with aliens there and can even add them to the household. Also new collectibles can be found at Sixam which ┬áincludes three new type of plants, 2 metals, 2 crystals and a new element..
Scientist sims will also have the ability of transforming objects and controlling other sims minds. Travel around the worlds, collect metals and fossils are the other actions that your scientist sims can perform during the game play.

You can create and customize any kind of business from bakery to art gallery, bookstores or boutiques etc…

Hospital, Police Office and Science labratories are coming with new objects which will help your sims success among their careers.

In your own shops, you will be able to sell everything from clothes to books, coffee or computers etc… You can hire up to 3 staff with various skills. You can also manage your stuff uniforms, promote and fire them.

Your sims can create new objects with developing new skills.

Satellite Dish coming which prevents aliens to abduct your sims.

Vending machines are coming, letting your sims to buy food while interacting with other sims.

Magnolia Promenade is a new neighbourhood is coming with 4 lots to build your business.

And alien mystery. Some of the aliens looks like normal sims and live inside us. You will try to find out the sims which are not from this world. Male sims can get pregnant with alien abduction and have babies. After having the baby you can choose it to stay with you or send it to its homeworld.

A new skill of photography. You can picture everything in game and sell your photographs to get an additional income.

These are all the information i could find out about the new expansion pack for now.

Price is expected to be $39.99. It is same as the expansion pack for sims 3.

Movie hangout stuff

Movie Hangout Stuff Pack is announced to be published at 12 January 2016 which will be the 6 th pack for sims 4 by EA. It will have 88 new additions, 36 of them will be found under build / buy and 46 of them will be found under the outfit category. The first thing which draws the attention at first sight  is the oversized TV which includes 10 original films. You can choose your films from action to romance, from horror to comedy as your taste. There will be also 2 family films to watch whole family together including kids.

Sims will react with shock , cry or a laughter according to the films they are watching.

And of course pop corns are coming as they cant be thought inseparable with movie nights. Popcorn Popper will let you have your popcorns traditional, with cheddar or caramel. But be careful while watching horror or comedy films. Sims may react and jump with scare or with a laughter so pop corns can fly everywhere ­čÖé Pop corns will cost between $10 to $25 and some options will require cooking levels.

The Stuff Pack will include new furnitures and decoratiVe objects.

As well as indoor lounges you can also create outdoor movie lounges and watch films under the stars.

Social interactions will be effected based on the choosen movie.

You can invite your friends for a movie night to your houses.

Sims can give spoilers to other sims about the films that they havent watched yet.

Your sims can declare their favourite movies and talk about it with each other.

8 new movie posters will be found under the paintings category with the pack.

Also a few couple of outfits and new hair styles will be included.

Tropical Themed Objects

Bohemian style designs

Guys will get more outlets but less hairstyles than ladies.

Male Sims will get long and navy hairs finally.

More conservative styles for the elder sims.

While female children will get 2 tops and 1 bottom, male children will get 1 top and 1 bottom. But they are not new meshes, just retextures of the base game meshes.

3 new styled rooms will be ready for use.

Some of  few new objects are a projector, beanbag chair, posters, mirror coffee table, a big tree with lanterns on it, rugs, curtains and paintings.

And for last here is a list of 10 movies you will be able to watch with the new pack


  • Diamonds are for sims
  • Roaring Vice
  • Simder
  • Sims of the Dead
  • The Khlumsee Sisters
  • Adventures of spaceship simulation
  • Moonlight Massacre 3
  • Lost Dog’s Journey To Home
  • Collage Cram
  • Superkids

It is not clear yet but assumed to be around $9,99 as the previous stuff packs.


10 Things about Sims 4



1-With richer emotions and various personality traits, your sims will be most expressive ever. Especially storytellers will love these innovations.Emotions can boost sims performances. As well as positive emotions also negative emotions can unlock special interactions.

2-Sims can naturally move around the world, participate or leave the groups easier and they can do many actions at the same time. All these cause sims to behave more natural that it will be fun to watch them at neighbourhoods as well as playing the game.

3-Enhanced menus and lay outs makes you reach everything you need to know available. On the top left menu you can see your sim  that provides you all the information with face expressions and body language.

4– You can visit all the worlds without restarting your game. Visit neighbourhoods, go to a gym in another world, visit secret locations and more.

5-With more ethnicities and body shapes you can create limitless sim characters.You can customize appereance, fashion, walk style, aspiration and personality traits. You can create from child to an elder sim with selected gender and race. Also you can choose to play with randomized sims and can create multiple sims for one family.

6– It is like a shopping catalog including accessories , outfit and make up in one click. But if you compare it with sims 3 clothing choices it is much more limited. You cant use custom patterns and can only choose colors that come with particular clothes. There are 5 outfit categories from everyday clothes to work uniforms. But you are not limited to it, you can wear your everyday clothes for work if you want.

7– Offers new and innovative build mode tools that will help you to express your creativity easier. Furnished or unfurnished ready rooms can be selected┬á dropped into the game. Or can choose your new house from the amazing creations on the gallery shared from fellow simmers. New tools allows fast and easy set up and new features allows to find what you are looking for quick and smoother.

8– In build mode, the new push and pull system allows you to size and shape rooms easily. After your lay out is ready you can dive into the diverse building tools. Walls and Empty Rooms, doors, windows, roofs, wall patterns, floor patterns, roof patterns, foundations, stairs , fences, gates, pools, fountains, terrain paint, styled rooms, wall sculptures, roof sculptures, columns, outdoor plants,spandrels ,roof trims, friezes and exterior trims and stair railings will meet you there.

9– Gallery is directly accessible in the game. Just pressing F4 shortcut you can open the gallery. You can upload your creations or download content from other players. Full houses or single rooms can be added to the gallery. You can even download other sims which comes with their own personalities.

In addition you can favourite cretions and give ”likes”. You can find favourite creations according to the likes.

10– And finally, you can also find custom content creations from the community. There is an option to browse creations with or without custom content if you dont want to play with mods. Sims, rooms or lots on the gallery may contain custom content and you wont be able to get that stuff with the download. The necessary custom content should be added to your game first.