10 Things about Sims 4



1-With richer emotions and various personality traits, your sims will be most expressive ever. Especially storytellers will love these innovations.Emotions can boost sims performances. As well as positive emotions also negative emotions can unlock special interactions.

2-Sims can naturally move around the world, participate or leave the groups easier and they can do many actions at the same time. All these cause sims to behave more natural that it will be fun to watch them at neighbourhoods as well as playing the game.

3-Enhanced menus and lay outs makes you reach everything you need to know available. On the top left menu you can see your sim  that provides you all the information with face expressions and body language.

4– You can visit all the worlds without restarting your game. Visit neighbourhoods, go to a gym in another world, visit secret locations and more.

5-With more ethnicities and body shapes you can create limitless sim characters.You can customize appereance, fashion, walk style, aspiration and personality traits. You can create from child to an elder sim with selected gender and race. Also you can choose to play with randomized sims and can create multiple sims for one family.

6– It is like a shopping catalog including accessories , outfit and make up in one click. But if you compare it with sims 3 clothing choices it is much more limited. You cant use custom patterns and can only choose colors that come with particular clothes. There are 5 outfit categories from everyday clothes to work uniforms. But you are not limited to it, you can wear your everyday clothes for work if you want.

7– Offers new and innovative build mode tools that will help you to express your creativity easier. Furnished or unfurnished ready rooms can be selected  dropped into the game. Or can choose your new house from the amazing creations on the gallery shared from fellow simmers. New tools allows fast and easy set up and new features allows to find what you are looking for quick and smoother.

8– In build mode, the new push and pull system allows you to size and shape rooms easily. After your lay out is ready you can dive into the diverse building tools. Walls and Empty Rooms, doors, windows, roofs, wall patterns, floor patterns, roof patterns, foundations, stairs , fences, gates, pools, fountains, terrain paint, styled rooms, wall sculptures, roof sculptures, columns, outdoor plants,spandrels ,roof trims, friezes and exterior trims and stair railings will meet you there.

9– Gallery is directly accessible in the game. Just pressing F4 shortcut you can open the gallery. You can upload your creations or download content from other players. Full houses or single rooms can be added to the gallery. You can even download other sims which comes with their own personalities.

In addition you can favourite cretions and give ”likes”. You can find favourite creations according to the likes.

10– And finally, you can also find custom content creations from the community. There is an option to browse creations with or without custom content if you dont want to play with mods. Sims, rooms or lots on the gallery may contain custom content and you wont be able to get that stuff with the download. The necessary custom content should be added to your game first.

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